Tari Topeng ( mask dance )

Tari Topeng ( mask dance ) traditional art dance from Indonesia

Cirebon mask dance
Cirebon mask dance, this art is original art Cirebon Indonesia, including Indramayu and Jatibarang. Cirebon mask dance is one of the dances in the Tatar Parahyangan. Called the mask dance, because the dancers use masks when dancing. Dance mask itself is a lot of variety, and have evolved in terms of movement, and story to be conveyed. Sometimes the mask dance performed by dancers indecent dance solo, or it could be played by several people. 

One other kind of dance this mask is a mask dance is a sequence wanderer Wungu golden mask dance style which tells Parahyangan Kencana Wungu queen who was being chased by King Minakjingga the craziest, craziest him. Basically each mask that represent each character describes the human disposition.Wungu Kencana, to mask the color blue, represent characters that lively but graceful. Minakjingga (also called wanderer), with a red mask represents a hot-tempered character, tempramental and impatient. This dance work Soeradiredja Nugraha. 

Hand and body movements are graceful, and musical accompaniment dominated by drum and fiddle, is another hallmark of the mask dance. 

Arts mask dance still exists learned in dance studios are there, and still often performed on special occasions local official, or in other areas of traditional moments. 

One is a mask dance maestro Rasinah Mimi, an active dance and teaches studio art at the Mask Dance Mask Dance Mimi Rasinah Pekandangan located in the village, Indramayu. 
From 2006 Mimi Rasinah paralyzed, but he was still eager to performing, dancing and teaching dance mask up to the end, Mimi Rasinah died in August 2010 at age 80 years. 


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